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Contributors say money well-spent on MHS weight room

Positive comments were passed around by many who walked through the Mitchell High School weight room Friday.

"(The committee) has really done a nice job and I really like what they've done," said Jerry Mohr, whose kids went to MHS and has grandkids coming through the athletic program in the next few years. "It really needed an update. It looked like a basement in an old school, and the equipment was outdated."

Mitchell High School hosted an open house of the renovated weight room and tailgate party for the contributors prior to the Kernel football team's home opener against Harrisburg.

"It's something that's going to last for decades and we just wanted to have a special night and celebration for those people who helped us," Mitchell Activities Director Geoff Gross said.

Nearly 100 businesses and individuals -- including Mohr -- contributed to the project. A committee was formed in early spring to find improvements and push renovations and advancements of the space forward. The committee set a goal of $140,000 and Avera Queen of Peace boosted the project in March after pledging a $70,000 match. Other sizable donations came from Innovative Systems and Sun Gold Sports.

"We're very blessed with what we've been able to get here and that's a huge thank you to the committee and contributors to be able to put the amount of money we put together in a short amount of time, which is absolutely unbelievable," Gross said. "I wish we could give them as big of a thank you as they deserve no matter what level they were able to contribute. But hopefully, they have that feeling of being able to be a part of a bigger thing."

With the contributions, the committee was able to purchase loads of new equipment — including weight racks, weights, medicine balls, bars and weight machines. The equipment was moved into the high school in June and was put to immediate use. The total amount of the equipment cost $114,286.

"I think this is probably as up to date as you'd find in any weight room around," Mohr said, "and we wanted to help all athletics at Mitchell, not just one sport. This was a way to do that."

Brooke Cersosimo
Brooke Cersosimo is The Daily Republic's sports editor.