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Winner racers share more than just hometown

Winner native Broc Stout competes in his street stock class car at Dakota State Fair Speedway earlier this year in Huron. (Photo courtesy of Bradley Letcher)

WINNER -- Kelly Duffy and Broc Stout are not family. They don't race on the same team. They don't ride to races together.

But one commonality is a super stock race car, which the two Winner natives have been sharing this year.

The two share the car on a week-to-week basis as they race at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron.

"We decided we were going to buy a super stock at the end of the year last season," Stout said. "I was still going to run the street stock, but a buddy of mine, Ricky Hespe, who is actually Kelly's nephew, found a car and we decided to get together and all split it up and now we are racing."

Each racer has run the car one time at the Huron race track. Stout was scheduled to drive the car last week, but the race was canceled due to inclement weather.

When Duffy isn't racing super stock, he routinely drives a Wissota late model class. He got his start racing super stock in 1994.

Stout and Duffy's partnership is not unusual for them. When Duffy started racing, he was working out of Dave Stout's shop -- Broc's father.

"I have been friends with their family ever since I got started racing," Duffy said. "We have been friends with his dad Dave forever, and they have been a good, helping hand through the years for me."

Broc echoed the same sentiments about Duffy and his family.

"I have known Kelly since I was 5 or 6 years old," Stout said. "Actually his brother Galen built the first motor for my Grand National."

Both racers will head to Huron to compete at the race track this weekend. Throughout the summer, the Dakota State Fair Speedway holds races nearly every weekend.

This time out, Stout said he thinks he will drive the super stock car, but is not certain yet. Despite being 156 miles away from their hometown, the Huron race track has become a home away from home for them.

Each week they each make the estimated 2-hour, 30-minute trip to Dakota State Fair Speedway to compete. This trip has become routine since the Winner Speedway closed down in 2006.

"Winner used to have a good track. We used to have a lot of good, hard-fought races," Duffy said. "Now we all basically call Huron our home track. Before Winner Speedway closed, we went up there for a few specials, and we felt like it was one of the nicest race tracks in South Dakota so we decided to go there."

Stout, who has also raced in Miller and Rapid City, said it was the easiest decision to decide to race in Huron because of the track's quality.

In addition to Duffy and Stout, three other Winner natives race at the track in Huron, including Russ Phillips, Cole Phillips and Randy Brown.

Duffy said all five racers know each other, but they aren't associated in a group.

"I think everybody who races up at Huron basically started out racing at the Winner Speedway," he said. "Everyone has their own buddies and separate groups that they hang out with. ... We can be friends here but out there on the race track, I want to beat you."

Of the five racers, four of them race in two different classes. Cole Phillips and Stout each drive in the Street Stock Class, while Randy Brown and Russ Phillips drive in the Midwest Mod Class.