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Locals place in SD state 600 tourney

The Village Bowling Center held the 2012 South Dakota Women's State 600 Tournament the weekend of Oct. 13-14, for the third consecutive year.

To qualify participants had to bowl a 600 three game series at some point in their bowling careers. Women from across the state came to Mitchell for the tournaments.

The tournament is broken down into categories of three game doubles, four game singles and all events, all of which have handicapped and scratch division.

Notable locals include:

Handicap Doubles (3 games): 1. Lynnette Shattuck and Kim Kluth (1401)

Handicap Singles (4 games)

Marilyn Hanten 1,014; Heidi Mendenhall, 1,002; Lynnette Shattuck, 990; Kim Kluth, 930.

Handicap All-Events (Singles and Doubles)

Marilyn Hanten, 1,696; Heidi Mendenhall, 1,680; Lynnette Shattuck, 1,636; Kim Kluth 1,608.

Singles had 49 entries; doubles had 24 entries and all events has 41 entries.