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Seniors squeak by juniors 16-14

Senior Emily Sudbeck runs the ball in the first half of the Mitchell High School homecoming powderpuff game Thursday at Joe Quintal Field in Mitchell.1 / 3
Junior Kelsey Weber runs toward the end zone during the powderpuff game.2 / 3
Junior Torrie Michels, right, rips the flag off senior Tori Houwman, left, in the first half3 / 3

The long-standing tradition stands.

The seniors squeaked by the juniors in a 16-14 decision in Mitchell High School's annual homecoming powderpuff football game Thursday night at Joe Quintal Field.

"This game is pretty serious," senior Lauren Farris said. "We didn't want to be the first senior team to lose in a long time."

The seniors had 20 more players than the juniors and each team had three practices before the highly anticipated game. However, the juniors and seniors felt very different about how the practices went.

Junior Katelyn Held said the team felt its chances at winning were good after practicing a few times.

"We actually learned a lot," she said. "Our coaches taught us how to play the game of football and not just how to throw."

The seniors didn't get much accomplished in their practices, but their confidence and egos remained high.

"(Practices) were less than productive," Farris said. "But we didn't really need to practice because we came in knowing that we were going to win because we've got the skills."

The juniors gave the seniors a run for their money in the first half, which was a rolling 20-minute clock, outscoring them 14-8.

Junior quarterback Haley Stahl threw a touchdown pass to Kelsey Weber for the first touchdown of the game, but the seniors answered with a touchdown run by Emily Sudbeck to tie the game at 8.

In the last play before halftime, junior Torrie Michels ran nearly the length of the field to lift the juniors to a 14-8 lead.

The seniors were able to take their first lead of the game when Sudbeck ran for her second touchdown. The juniors were unable to score in the second half, giving the seniors the 16-14 victory.

"I think that (the juniors) knew that we were going to pretty much dominate the game coming in," Farris said. "They tried to scare us right away, but they didn't."

Held said the experience was a lot of fun and was glad the coaches, who were MHS varsity players, stuck by the team.

"We have an awesome team and I think we did really well because it could've gone worse," Held said. "We had some good subs and everyone got playing time, so it worked out really well."

Held said the juniors are going to take what they learned this year into next year's powderpuff game.

"We know a lot now and the juniors next year better watch out because we're going to dominate," she said.

Brooke Cersosimo
Brooke Cersosimo is The Daily Republic's sports editor.