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Mitchell man records hole-in-one and 300 game

All athletes strive for perfection, but they rarely achieve it.

Scott R. Larson, of Mitchell, did it twice in eight days.

On Sept. 9, Larson, who turns 50 next month, stepped up to Hole 8 at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell and used his pitching wedge to ace the 122-yard shot.

As an encore, Larson bowled a 300 game on Sept. 17 at Village Bowl in Mitchell.

Larson was less surprised by his 300 game, since it was the fifth he's recorded. The hole-in-one was his first.

"The hole-in-one was harder to do -- well, at least luckier," he said. "Most people, even good golfers, never get a hole-in-one."

Larson, a self-described bogey golfer at best, said that after his hole-in-one, several friends joked with him that he needed to bowl a perfect game to keep his hot streak going. He flirted with one on Sept. 13, recording a 280, and then rolled his 300 four days later.

"I know a lot more about bowling, and there's always a possibility (of a perfect game) if you find a shot and you're consistent," said Larson, who averages around 210. "I don't know much about golf, and that's why (the hole-in-one) was a little more unexpected."

Despite writing a "1" on his scorecard, Larson said the rest of his golf round that day was less than perfect.

"I got a hole-in-one, but don't ask me what my score was," he joked.

While a hole-in-one is one shining moment in an entire round, a 300 game has more built-up tension, Larson said.

"You don't get nervous with a hole-in-one," he said. "You already hit the ball when it goes in.

"The 300, it really wasn't nerve-racking, though. The second time I got one was probably the hardest to get as far as nerves, but after that, they get a little easier."

When asked what kind of perfect performance he hopes to get next, Larson laughed and said his biggest goal in competition isn't to be perfect, just close to it.

"There's an elite club that I'm still working on and that's the 800 series," he said, referring to recording 800 pins for a three-game total in bowling. "It's always been my goal."