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Elward claims 3rd Dakota State Fair Speedway title

Corey Elward1 / 2
Grady Myers2 / 2

Corey Elward capped off his third championship at the Dakota State Fair Speedway Saturday in Huron.

The Mitchell resident finished sixth place in the Midwest Mod division's final race to finish the season with 661 points in the track standings to claim his second-consecutive and third overall title in the division.

Elward said the key to success as a racecar driver comes with consistently finishing races and collecting points each week.

"We had a real consistent year and didn't have any major wrecks," he said. "We really got lucky and that's half the game."

Elward won two races this summer in Dakota State Fair Speedway races. The track hosts races most Saturday nights with drivers piling up points all summer.

Elward's first title came in 2009 and now that he has added a third trophy to his collection he has decided to stop chasing after championships in Huron.

"Next year is kind of undecided," he said. "If anything, it's possibly going to be our last year but I'm definitely done points racing."

Elward said he has considered traveling to other race tracks to compete, but doesn't want to deal with the stress of racing for a championship.

Another area driver was also hoping to repeat as a champion.

Grady Myers, of Ethan, came into the final race of the season in Huron with an outside shot at a title. He was in second place in the points standings of the Street Stock class and did everything he could to win the championship but finished runner-up.

Myers won Saturday's final heat and finished the season with 552 points, seven shy of Doug Songer, of Huron.

"I did all that I could do and I'm happy with that," Myers said. "I tried to defend as well as I could."

Myers said entering the night he told his wife that he had accepted the fact that he would most likely finish runner-up, but still wanted to go out with a win.

Myers' win marked the third of the season, the same number of wins that Songer ended with.

"I felt really good to get the third win," Myers said. "It's really hard to win in Huron because the competition is so strong."

Myers said another aspect that made the second-place finish easier to take was the fact that Songer's car was built by Myers and his cousin. The two cousins also helped with the making of Joel Senglemann's car. Sengelmann, of Pierre, finished third in the Street Stock class.

Myers, like Elward, said next season he is not going to worry about the point standings. Myers said he already has plans that will force him to miss a few weeks and he realizes he won't be able to make another run toward a championship.

Both racers said they believe racing without the worry of where they stand in points could make racing more enjoyable.

"It's a lot funner to just go out and race and not have to worry about all that," Elward said.

Dakota State Fair Speedway results

Saturday in Huron

(Top 5 and area drivers)

Late Model -- 1. David Mcdonald, Huron; 2. Kent Arment, Aberdeen; 3. Brian Diede, Huron; 4. Chad Becker, Aberdeen; 5. Chad Chenoweth, Huron; 7. Quentin Myers, Chamberlain.

Super Stock -- 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller; 2. Cole Searing, Huron; 3. Dave Carlson, Huron; 4. Jeremy North, Huron; 5. Quentin Myers, Chamberlain; 8. Clifford Houser, Kimball.

Modified -- 1. Kent Arment, Aberdeen; 2. Jay Triplett, Brookings; 3. Chad Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.; 4. Chad Becker, Aberdeen; 5. Scott Ward, Watertown.

Midwest Mod -- 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller; 2. Chad Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.; 3. Dave Carlson, Huron; 4. Scott Sroufe, Brookings; 5. Adam Brotherten, Huron; 6. Corey Elward, Mitchell.

Street Stock -- 1. Grady Myers, Ethan; 2. Kenny Clements, Madison; 3. Blayne Baloun, Highmore; 4. Doug Songer, Huron; 5. Randy Brown, Winner; 12. Broc Stout, Winner.

Final Point Standings

(Top 5 and area drivers)

Late Model -- 1. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 649; 2. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 647; 3. Chad Chenoweth, Huron 639; 4. Brian Diede, Huron 612; 5. David Mcdonald, Huron 585; 13. Kelly Duffy, Winner 259; 35. Quentin Myers, Chamberlain 46; 47. Shane Ludens, Springfield.

Midwest Mod -- 1. Corey Elward, Mitchell 661; 2. Adam Brotherten, Huron 640; 3. Lorin Johnson, Miller 632; 4. Dave Carlson, Huron 599; 5. Scott Sroufe, Brookings 594; 13. Kip Myers, Ethan 323; 14. Tyler Myers, Ethan 314.

Modified -- 1. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 555; 2. Jordan Foster, Henry 486; 3. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 469; 4. Nick Grehl, Hitchcock 440; 5. Dale Ames, Huron 427; 11. Kip Myers, Ethan 307.

Street Stock -- 1. Doug Songer, Huron 559; 2. Grady Myers, Ethan 552; 3. Joel Sengelmann, Pierre 541; 4. Broc Stout, Winner 526; 5. Kenny Clements, Madison 519; 11. John Cable, Geddes 282; 19. Casey Carstens, Mitchell 79; 20. Duane Bertram, Winner 74; 23. Randy Brown, Winner 51; 25. Russ Phillips, Winner 47; 33. Scott Hoffer, Winner 14.

Super Stock -- 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 660; 2. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 622; 3. Dave Carlson, Huron 603; 4. Cole Searing, Huron 597; 4. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 597; 10. Quentin Myers, Chamberlain 340; 14. Craig Hoffer, Winner 269; 17. Clifford Houser, Kimball 166; 25. Brandon Tingle, Mount Vernon 50.