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Master's degree in banking to start at Northern

ABERDEEN -- Northern State University received approval Wednesday from the state Board of Regents to again expand its banking and financial services program, this time to the master's degree level.

Northern State Provost Tom Hawley said some of South Dakota's top bankers helped design the new curriculum. He said the process set a new standard for project development at the university.

"Without their help, we could not be sitting here today," Hawley told the regents.

The master's program will start this fall and be available through distance technology. That's one reason that NSU officials estimate enrollment will climb into the forties in year two and after.

Some adjunct faculty members will be needed to teach specialties that are beyond the expertise of Northern State's staff.

It will be Northern State's first master's degree program outside of the education and counseling fields.

Regents President Kathryn Johnson, of Hill City, praised the university's work. "I've heard nothing but good things about your banking program," she told Hawley.