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Mitchell to host state bowling

The South Dakota USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Open Tournament begins next week and this year's host site is none other than Mitchell's own Village Bowl.

Mitchell will host the top bowlers from all over the state for six week-ends to determine the state champions.

The tournament will run every weekend starting next week through May 6, excluding Easter weekend.

The tournament is open to anyone who bowls in a South Dakota league sanctioned by the USBC and bowlers can participate in singles, doubles and team events. All events are handicapped with the option of adding scratch events.

Village Bowl General Manager Steve Brink-man said that Mitchell has had some of the best results as far as entrants in years past when Village Bowl has hosted the event.

"Mitchell probably draws more people than any other city when they have the state tournaments," he said. "They seem to like to come to Mitchell. We think we have one of the best bowling centers in the state, plus people just like to come to Mitchell."

In the past Brinkman said the tournament draws about 450 teams, or about 1,800 bowlers. He said Mitchell last hosted the tournament seven years ago and had closer to 500 teams, or 2,000 bowlers.

Bowling centers across the state can bid for the opportunity to host the tournament and Brinkman said the tournament rotates where it is held each year.

To host the event Village Bowl had to come up with a prize fund of $3,000. Brinkman said a lot of local businesses have helped out with the prize fund so Mitchell could host the tournament.

Bowling begins on each Friday at 4:30 p.m. and runs until midnight. Saturdays and Sundays the bowling starts at 8 a.m. and runs the entire day, Saturdays until midnight and Sundays until approximately 9 p.m.

During the state tournament the Village Bowl will still have open bowling during the week but will be filled with tournament bowlers on weekends.

Although the bowling center will be unable to open its lanes for open bowling on weekends, Brinkman is glad the tournament will be in Mitchell.

"It is a boost to us to have the state tournament because it does fill the lanes," he said. "Plus it's also good to bring a couple thousand people to Mitchell."