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Mitchell's Kim Kluth repeats as singles champion at Women's State 600 Club Bowling Tournament

Kim Kluth, of Mitchell, came close to repeating as the all-events champion at the Women's State 600 Club Bowling Tournament.

Kluth, 25, finished with 1,653 points in the all-events -- which was held Saturday and Sunday at Village Bowl in Mitchell -- just three points short of her second straight all-events title.

Kluth did score 1,013 points to win the singles handicap for the second straight year, though.

"I think the weekend went pretty well," she said. "If I would've done better in my first three games, it would've been even better.

"It's always nice to know you can come out on top, though. There are a lot of good bowlers at this."

Cyndie Abbott, of Sioux Falls, won the all-events title with 1,656 points.

To be qualified for the tournament, the bowler must have bowled a 600-series in their career. Kluth could not remember when she bowled her first 600-series, but she said she tends to shoot one 600-series a year since her first one.

Kluth said there are always points that she can look back on that could have helped her win the tournament, but she was not going to dwell too much on that.

"It didn't happen, and you can always try to reminisce," she said. "It's just how your ball reacts sometimes. Sometimes, there isn't a thing you can do about it.

"I will just try again next year."

Beth Henrichsen and Theresa Burke, both of Pierre, won the doubles handicap with 1,419 points.

The Women's State 600 Club Bowling Tournament will be back in Mitchell at Village Bowl in 2012.