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With NFL lockout over, local establishments like Scoreboard and Blarney's will not lose business

The end of the NFL lockout means no lost business for a couple of local businessmen.

But Steve Culhane, the owner of the Scoreboard Pub & Grill, and Scott Morgan, the manager of Blarney's Sports Bar & Grill, both thought the lockout would be over in time for the NFL season to start.

"I really had not paid much attention to it, because I just figured that there is so much money involved on both sides that they would get a deal done," Culhane said. "I just had a gut feeling that they would get it settled, and they did."

Morgan said he "absolutely" thought an end to the NFL lockout would happen before the start of the season.

Blarney's and the Scoreboard have DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket package, which offers every NFL game.

If the lockout would have dragged on and delayed, or even canceled, the season, both Morgan and Culhane said it would have affected their businesses.

"It would've affected us," Morgan said. "We do get people that watch teams that aren't always on local channels. I couldn't put a number on it, but it's quite a few."

Culhane said the Scoreboard started offering the NFL Sunday Ticket package "five or six" years ago.

"There are more establishments who have gotten it since, and we have our core regulars who like to watch football," he said. "W have probably around 25 to 30 people who come in. It's a good day in the winter when the NFL is on."

Culhane and Morgan could not put a dollar amount, though, on how much business they would have lost.

"We would've lost some, that's for sure," Culhane said. "But I don't have a dollar amount in mind. Sales would've been less, that's for sure."

Morgan said the amount of business Blarney's gets on Sundays varies from week-to-week.

"It just depends on the weekend and what teams are playing," he said. "I couldn't even put a dollar amount on it."

There is still another lockout going on, though. The NBA owners have locked out the players, but Culhane said that lockout will not affect business even if games are missed.

"Other than interest in (Mitchell native and Miami Heat forward) Mike Miller, it's nowhere near the interest that the NFL presents to the customers," he said. "As a fan, I am concerned, but from a business standpoint, it will not affect me."