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Landowners invited to Pheasant Country event

The Pheasant Country chapter of Pheasants Forever will host a landowner appreciation habitat education event Sunday at the Moose Lodge in Mitchell.

The event starts at 5 p.m. and will feature two speakers, a buffet and gun raffles. Any landowner is invited to attend the program. The cost is $35, which includes a meal and a one-year membership to Pheasants Forever.

Pheasant Country President Dave Allen said the night is not intended to be a fundraiser but rather a way to show appreciation to landowners in the area and give them more education about preserving habitat. He said about 170 people have already signed up but people can also pay at the door.

"It's a very exciting event with two very knowledgeable speakers," Pheasant County Habitat Chairman Mike Kuchera said. "They won't talk your ear off and will give you pertinent information on habitat conservation."

The first speaker is Lyle Perman, a rancher from Lowry and a past president of the South Dakota Grassland Coalition.

"I will mainly be talking about how we use the holistic approach in management of our ranch," Perman said. "We try and look at the whole picture and look at things that will not only affect us but also affect the land for years to come.

"We are in the business to make money, but making money on our ranch doesn't have to come at the cost of habitat."

Perman will also talk about concerns he has about statewide land use and its effect on wildlife habitat and water.

The second speaker is Jeffery Zimprich, state conservationist for USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service.

There will also be an update on the amount of land put into wildlife habitat by Pheasants Forever efforts, and a Pheasants Forever biologist will answer questions.