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LETTER: Honor a Mitchell legend

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

John Wooden — UCLA; Pat Summitt — Tennessee; Dean Smith — North Carolina; Mike Krzyzewski — Duke: All very successful coaches having their names on the courts of their long tenured schools. Do you think that their families, friends or former players were asked to donate so they could be honored? I don't. I believe that coaches have their names on courts or facilities for one reason only: As an expression of thankfulness and gratitude for their dedication over the years, and for the success of their programs.

Coach Gary Munsen deserves to have his name on our Corn Palace floor to thank him for the thousands of hours of enjoyment and entertainment provided from his nearly 40 years of coaching in Mitchell. The fun times at state tournaments and state championships brought back to our city for all citizens to enjoy, not just basketball fans, is more than ample payment.

The Daily Republic suggesting that Mike Miller should pay for the naming rights is an embarrassment to me. The Mike Miller Foundation could decide in a heartbeat to have his classic held in its entirety at the Pentagon instead of the Corn Palace. I hope that doesn't happen.

Ken Setness