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LETTER: Ignorant economics

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

After reading the articles in The Daily Republic on Friday, Nov. 3, where Sens. Thune and Rounds along with Congresswoman Noem were telling us how great the Tax Cut program would be, it took me back to the days of President Reagan and his Trickle Down economics. The problem with that program is that the trickle down never reached the middle- and lower-class.

What really makes me angry is that Thune, Rounds and Noem think that the people of South Dakota are ignorant enough to believe that doing away with the estate tax, which they call the death tax, will really benefit the small businessman and farmer.

The federal estate tax only affects about 1 percent of South Dakotans and your estate has to be $11 million per couple before you pay anything.

I don't know very many, if any, small businesses or family farms that have an estate of that worth.

Paul Widman