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LETTER: No thanks for service

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To the Editor:

The three Sage brothers ages 19, 21, 22, of Niobrara, Nebraska, all died the same day in 1969 when their Navy destroyer was cut in half by an aircraft carrier. Seventy-four sailors perished in total, yet their names are not on the Vietnam Wall. Why, they were not in the area the government says as "In country" to qualify them as the other 58,479 who perished during the Vietnam War.

My relative Larry B. is also not on the wall as he was washed overboard on his way to Vietnam in shark infested waters. His father Ednar B., a Marine during WWII, witnessed the flag raising over Iwo Jima. I was called a baby killer as many of my friends were. Yet now the media worries when, what, where, how these four soldiers were killed in Niger. No thanks for their service.

Gary Swensen, U.S. Army 1970-1973

D.A.V. and Yankton County Commissioner