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LETTER: Veterans park bricks tough to spot

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

I hear you, Judy Tews, Minnetonka, Minnesota. Judy had written a letter to the editor in a recent edition of The Daily Republic, saying it was difficult locating veterans park "bricks" of some family members. I found it comforting to know that others had the same experience as my wife and I did when we visited Mitchell recently.

We were quite eager to see the new Veterans Park as we had heard so much about it. However, when visiting it, we were not able to locate the bricks. Later that day, we were informed that the bricks were there, but we were not looking in the right place.

We returned to the park and finally located the bricks. Thought they may have been in a more conspicuous location, considering the purpose of the park. That is, to honor those from the Mitchell area who had served in the military. Thought I might also mention, when we arrived we observed a person having to be on her knees to take a photo of a section of the brick display.

Considering our experience, I wonder how many others have had the same experience. Just saying!

My three brothers and a nephew all are veterans of various service branches. We did not meet the deadline to be included in the brick display. There is only so much space available, we were told. Hope that some space may be added in the future. It would be an honor for us.

It is not my intent to lessen the effort made in the development of the park. It is a wonderful display of patriotism and many should be thanked for their efforts. It is my understanding that plaques will be added to include names of people, businesses and organizations who made it all possible. In addition, the location of the park is perfect. We should all be proud of our

home town's effort in this project.

Jim Kenton

Ames, Iowa