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LETTER: Be part of the solution to world hunger

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To the Editor:

I am a CROP walker. I support Church World Service. Over 1,200 walks occur throughout the U.S. every year. We named ourselves after Senator George McGovern, hence, McGovern CROP Walk.

We gather after the McGovern Hunger Summit, this year on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at Dakota Wesleyan University at 4 p.m. at the Sherman Center. Twenty-five percent of our funds will go to the Mitchell Area Food Pantry.

Church World Service has been a part of the Solution to World hunger since the collapse of Europe after Hitler's defeat. Church World Service also assists in the U. S. in hurricane relief.

One of our children in church saw the poster of a child in Africa with no shoes. I wonder what she thought as she was clearly telling me about the child with no shoes.

What do you see when we encounter poverty? Homelessness? Starvation? We have so much to be grateful for that we can truly share with others. Come and be part of the solution.

Ron Fuchs