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LETTER: Thanks to those who share the road

To the Editor:

I want to share how amazed I am at how the residents of Mitchell and the surrounding community graciously share the road with bicyclists. As a transplant from the Chicago suburbs, I can attest to incidents of distracted and aggressive driving that made pursuing my hobby dangerous and unpleasant. Our club, the Palace City Pedalers, sponsors many road and trail rides that take its members and other cycling enthusiasts along both urban and rural roadways throughout Davison, Sanborn and Hanson counties. I have never felt in danger or experienced road rage at the hands of drivers. Around here, most drivers offer friendly waves as they drive past.

As you may know, South Dakota passed a law in 2015 that requires vehicles to give cyclists a 3-foot separation where the speed limit is 35 mph or slower and 6 feet of clearance when the speed goes over 35 mph. Our community almost always offers cyclists the larger clearance regardless of the speed limit.  

The Palace City Pedalers will be hosting the 23rd Annual Tour de Corn on August 18-20.  This is our annual cycling event with distances of 15, 35, 62 and 100 miles, but we have also incorporated an evening glow ride on Friday and trail rides on Sunday. This event brings over 300 riders from all across South Dakota and neighboring states to experience our city routes and our astounding 13 miles of singletrack trails. Riders of all ages attend this event and it is a great opportunity to get families riding together.

In conclusion, I ask our neighbors to continue the respect and consideration of bicyclists in our area. I also invite anyone interested to join us for one of our weekly rides. We have rides of all lengths and styles and we welcome anyone from absolute beginners to advanced riders. For more information, please visit or our Facebook page.

Clinton J. Desmond, Vice President

Palace City Pedalers