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LETTER: Stick with a positive Cornelius

To the Editor:

We saw in the paper the acknowledgement by MHS Activities Director Cory Aadland that the look of a MHS mascot should be a community decision, and applaud his acknowledgement of that. He is open to community input.

As parents, grandparents, MHS alumni, a substitute teacher, community residents and fans who enjoy attending both sports, music and theater MHS activities, we wish to voice our dismay of the angry, mean, bullying, nasty mascot look. That is not the way Mitchell students should be portrayed.

Sports and other activities of Mitchell schools promote health, wellness (mental and physical), confidence, creativity, teamwork, caring and many other positive benefits. The negative image is demeaning and cruel, not intelligent or creative-looking. We have heard from many friends who feel the same way. We have always identified with the positive Cornelius.

We hope for a more positive visage. Go for something that encourages good sportsmanship and respect for others.

We have been in contact with Mr. Aadland and he replied that they are planning to make an adjustment to the proposed looks due to this common feedback received. If you would like to keep something more like the positive Cornelius we currently have, let him know.

Sherry Stilley, Steve Nordwall