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LETTER: Thinking about traffic

To the Editor:

On Highway 37, south of Mitchell at Enemy Creek, the state said no guardrails were needed. When a car went into the creek and a girl drowned, the state still said no guardrails were needed. They said after another incident they decided to put them in. They just didn’t say what it was.

The information I have is a family member of the girl that drowned was going after the state if they didn’t put them in. Don’t they put up “Think” signs if you drown?

Going south the guard rails are plenty far north, but the northbound ones won’t keep anyone out of the creek. It needs to go south to the private drive and bend to the fence line.

Now they have to redo Burr Street because that’s what is causing the accidents.

It is the direction lights where they were first put in the arrow would stay on for three seconds. A truck going south turning left on 37 to Spruce wouldn’t get past the west 37 lane before the light turned green.

A pickup going north in the east 37 lane had a green light. He couldn’t see the truck turning left because a semi in the west lane was blocking his view. He got a failure to yield ticket.

On south 37, the one going to Interstate 90, the arrow would let part of a semi through before it turned green since they put these dumb arrows in. I think they are a federal law.

On Havens, a party was making a left-hand turn and thought they had time, but got hit by a car going through the intersection. In The Daily Republic, it said the driver going through the intersection was slowing up when the light turned green and said “I then stepped on it.”

Did they write the party up like they did the pickup driver? No, they wrote the left turn one up.

On South Rowley Street and Havens there can be five or six cars for a left-hand turn and when the light turns green, the arrow turns amber.

Ray Grambihler