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LETTER: No surprises in Pierre

To the Editor:

Ethics? Who? What? Where?

It comes as no surprise to me that the state legislators and Gov. Dennis Daugaard quickly axed the ethics measure. My feeling is that if you mentioned the word "ethics" in Pierre you would find many scurrying around about like if you turned the light on in a dark room full of rats. I have much respect for many in Pierre, but not all. My common sense tells me that the only ones who fear the word "ethics" are just the ones we are trying to watch.

These people hide behind the word "unconstitutional" in an attempt to demean the bill and the voters of South Dakota. They never point out just what parts, if any, of the measure are unconstitutional. Then they enact the emergency clause so that it can never be on the ballot again. Speak of unconstitutional, to never allow this on another ballot? I thought the courts made these rulings, not self-serving government leaders. State leaders are trying to take all the power they can from voters.

Daugaard says he thinks he doubts less than a hundred people read up on the bill, and I guess that says he does not think much of us voters and our abilities to make informed and intelligent choices. I wonder if the air is thin up on his pedestal.

Joe Babcock