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LETTER: SD delegation puts party over people

To the Editor:

With one vote, it is painstakingly clear that Sens. Rounds and Thune believe they owe more loyalty to party and to the president than they do the people of South Dakota.

Betsy DeVos is arguably the most unqualified appointment for Secretary of Education in history. Her only qualification seems to be her wealth and generous contributions to Republican causes over the years. She's never taught, holds no degree in the field of education and her children have never attended a public school. Her confirmation hearing was painful to watch and her answers to the questions posed to her were unbelievable in how ignorant they were.

This is hardly the draining of the swamp we were promised. Another rich person gets a job in government because they have wealth. I have yet to see anyone regardless of party, support her nomination on social media or on the news whether fake or "real."

This isn't a party issue. This is putting a highly inept candidate into a position she can not run well and will not run well. I'd be curious to know how many calls and emails our senators received against her confirmation compared those they garnered to for it. I then, as other residents of the state anxiously await their explanation of how they can in good conscience vote for a candidate that is so unqualified. Thune and Rounds should travel to Michigan and examine what Devos and her agenda in education have done there. Then in four years, they should plan on coming to school districts across the state and apologize for the mess that's coming, a mess they helped create.

David Steel