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LETTER: Why Trump is revered by so many Christians

To the Editor:

From the Lexington (KY) Herald: A researcher at the U. of Massachusetts sampled 1,800 faith-based voters in late 2015. He determined the most statistically significant variable was authoritarianism. The researcher determined the main splits among religious people to be authoritarianism versus personal independence, and fear versus hope and joy.

In the Christian vernacular, it's a spiritual contest between Biblical/Church-Law and the Christian understanding of Grace. Law people are the Church's cops and prosecutors. Grace people are God's flower children who feel affinity for all people. Grace people need a little authoritarianism while Law people probably need a big dose of Grace. Life is smoother when there is balance.

The study's published summary explicitly explained why large numbers of church-goers feel so positive about Trump. They overlook the overt evidence that he is a self-promoting, vindictive, brazenly unapologetic heathen who slaps down anyone who resists his dominance; that he is a white nationalist con artist with imperial ambitions. To Law people, Trump's personal characteristics match their perception of the authoritative Biblical God. They desperately want to believe what he says and what they interpret his words to mean.

Dave L. Wegner

Sioux Falls