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LETTER: Asking questions, demanding changes

To the Editor:

When the wind farms were put in west of Tripp, the money from them was to stay in the area to help the schools. The state Legislature took that away and made it statewide and changed how they take count per how many attend school. There is no doubt they did this to force small schools to close. The one half cent sales tax was to help all school but it didn't (Mitchell got thousands per teacher and schools like Tripp got almost nothing). A person from the state told the Tripp School Board that the money was figured over 10 years for how much will Mitchell teachers be getting in 10 years?

Now on transgender all they talk about are the schools rest and locker rooms. How about ball games at the Corn Palace, swimming meets, football or baseball games? Some games are more than one day, so this would include the hotels and motels, and if the bus stopped for gas and a rest break, the gas stations. How about Kmarts, Walmarts, Sears, etc., or the hospitals? They will all have to be changed.

Where are the signs on Highway 37 to tell you that you must give bikes 9-foot leeway?

All LifeServe cars and vans have Iowa plates that are busting up our roads but are not paying South Dakota taxes. They have an office in Mitchell by North Main, so they should have South Dakota plates.

Farmers that haul farm-stored grain to the elevator with their tractors and wagons should pay a fuel and wheel tax or don't they bust up the roads.

How about a one cent tax on farm machinery repairs? In 1958, seed corn was taxed. Why not now?

If you raise hogs you pay no tax on fuel, but to heat your house you do.

Call your legislator and demand some changes.

Ray Grambihler