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LETTER: U.S. in trouble if Clinton, Trump are our best candidates

To the Editor:

I am one Democrat who will not be voting for Hillary Clinton because of her support of the USA's wars of aggression against sovereign countries that were not aggressive to the USA. Those attacks based on lies against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria are war crimes against humanity. The number of people killed and made homeless by these policies is mind boggling. Her fixation on blaming Russia for every thing wrong is another insanity of hers. Her support of the sanctions against Russia did more damage to the American and European farmers than it hurt Russia, who has become the number one exporter of wheat.

Her support of the coverup of the 28 pages for 13 years and non-support of the JASTA bill only gave support to the Saudi killers who organized and financed the 9-11 atrocity. Now with U.S. support Saudi Arabia is imposing genocide on Yemen. Her refusal to support JASTA was support for the enemies of the American people.

She does not support the real Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall. Her policies will only take this country to economic ruin or world war three. And I don't think Donald Trump will be any better, unless you think locker room talk and bankrupt gambling halls will cut the mustard. If these two are the best candidates America has and the people do nothing, we are in big trouble.

The idea that might is right and the divine right of the king were not policies of this country when it took on the greatest empire in the world and won, right is might. Only citizens calling their congressional representatives right now and getting them back to Washington and making Glass-Steagall the law of the land before the election has the potential to get this nation back on track. It's up to you whether this Republic survives. After Glass-Steagall, the nation must implement the Hamilton-Larouche Economic System (LAROUCHEPAC.COM) and join the BRICS to rebuild the world, bringing peace and prosperity.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon