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LETTER: Let’s work together for area growth

To the Editor:

One could have switched the town/city names from Sioux Falls to Mitchell and Mitchell to Artesian, Alexandria or Mount Vernon in the editorial being envious of big brother.

As the Golden Rule says in Version 2.1, "He who has the gold, makes the rules.” Granted, Sioux Falls has many natural resources and a great geographical location. But Mitchell is the envy of many towns for its assets, which include the James River bluffs, Interstate 90, the Corn Palace, McGovern Library and Dakotafest.

So let’s visualize a possible future for growth. What if Mitchell were to create a "Branson, Mo." for this area?

Could not the bluffs of the James River be utilized in a similar way as the S.D. State Historical Museum at Pierre? The bluffs can be used to create at least two music amphitheaters. South Dakota and the surrounding area have many fine musicians. One theater could be country; the other can host the music of Native Americans and other genres, as well as other types of events.

Knowing how winter can be problematic for travel, a bed and breakfast hotel could be built. A music store and sod house could be on the grounds. What about having farm and ranch equipment displayed and used as the weather permits?

The talents of our Mitchell Technical Institute staff and students can be used. Students could earn money by working while they pursue their education. Broadcasts from the theaters could be done by students for local and area media and also for the Internet (similar to what RFD does for Branson).

The area could host outdoor winter sports, from snowmobiling to ice and snowman sculpture competitions.

Always the problem is the “gold” for creating such an expansive idea. But cannot many area businesses donate some time and material to the project and in return receive free advertising displays on the interior and exterior areas? Mitchell has architects to provide expertise for this creation.

Once many local and area people start brainstorming on how to economically go forth, the momentum will build and the possibilities may be endless.

Harry Everhart