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LETTER: Jesus never descended to Hell

To the Editor:

I believe in most everything the Apostles’ Creed says, except I do not believe the Lord descended into Hell. How could our Father allow such a thing? First of all, there is the chasm from Hell to Heaven that cannot be crossed. In the book of Luke, there is a story about a rich man that went to Hell, and he saw his slave far off in the bosom of Abraham. He asked that Lazarus, the slave of the rich man, dip his finger in water and bring him a drink. In Luke 14:26, it explains “between us and you there is a great gulf fixed; so that they would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.”

Also, the truth of the matter is that the Lord Jesus Christ told the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” He wasn’t on his way to hell, but to paradise!

This is a paradox, because even though the Lord told the thief on the cross that “today I will be with you in paradise,” he also said (three days later) according to the book of John chapter 20, verse 17, to Mary Magdalene, “Touch me not for I have not ascended to my Father.” How could both statements be true? I tell you that Jesus was in paradise directly after He died with the thief on the cross, and He hadn’t ascended to the Father yet when He put on His flesh body suit, if you will.

No, Jesus Christ did not go to hell. There is nowhere in the Bible that says He did, and in fact speaks of paradise. Jesus even said when He was dying that, “Father into thy hands I commend my spirit.” Don’t you think that when Jesus was separated from the Father, because of the sin that was put on Him, that the Father would hastily take Him back into His arms?

Frank Larry Hayne