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LETTER: Public needs to hold officials accountable

To the Editor:

In recent days, three events have brought to mind the use and misuse of power. The South Dakota Legislature finally agreed on a compromise law regarding texting while driving, making it a secondary offense. Let's see: texting is distracting, resulting in the driver taking one's eyes from the road and has caused accidents, sometimes fatal. Sounds a bit similar to driving under the influence, so next session I will suggest they also reduce that to a secondary offense. It was announced in Wednesday's Daily Republic

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that the county would spend a net of $72,000 for a new voting machine that some feel doesn't work properly. Interesting, in that independent sources ran tests and found it 100 percent accurate.

Did anyone check for other reasons the machine did not function properly in the last election? New rule: if you disagree with others despite evidence you may be wrong, do it your way anyway. The paper also contacted 36 school districts to obtain a copy of

their budgets, as provided for by law. As we now know, 12 refused. I gather school districts are above the law. Incidentally, has anyone considered what the multi-million dollar makeover is going to do for the city of Mitchell? I'm all for correcting any safety hazards, but wonder how we will recoup that money? Will there be billboards up and down the interstate to draw visitors downtown? Perhaps giveaways would increase attendance.

At what point does the public begin holding those in any power situation responsible for their actions?

Dennis Leischner