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LETTER: Newspaper needs to screen letters to editor

To the Editor:

As a reader of The Daily Republic, I'm beginning to wonder if this is the letter to the editor section or just a public forum for conspiracy theories and hate speech? The Daily has repeatedly published letters to the editor that contain outrageous conspiracy theories, bigotry and statements that are borderline, if not full blown, hate speech.

The latest, titled "Obama's actions not those of Christian" is a prime example. It's one thing to allow opinions to be voiced; it's quite another to allow statements such as "Obama was sworn in using a Koran." Also, what does Barack Obama's mom being white have to do with anything? The Daily has a responsibility to screen these letters for factual information and content.

It is common knowledge that Barack Obama was sworn in on Abe Lincoln's Bible, so to allow a person to write that he was sworn in on a Koran is extremely irresponsible, purposefully negligent or just lazy. I believe The Daily Republic owes its readers an apology and an explanation.

More importantly, what do letters such as these say to the community? What if a Muslim American were to read that letter? If you were Muslim and read that letter, would you want to move here? I wouldn't. I'm quite certain I could browse the Internet and find an article similar to that one on any KKK or White Supremacist site. Some representation of Mitchell, but I suppose it might be accurate.

Lastly, if The Daily will allow that garbage, what if I were to write a letter to the editor about Jews sacrificing Christian babies? Would you run that letter? You shouldn't, because it's hate speech.

My point is that a paper with as many accolades and awards as The Mitchell Daily Republic can and should do a better job at recognizing bigotry and hate speech.

M.C. Stewart