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LETTER: Stop blaming problems on Sioux Falls

To the Editor:

I cannot quite figure out who Sandy Wenzel is mad at in her letter on March 22. The poor leadership in Mitchell for not expanding the Corn Palace and its capacity, or are you just mad at Sioux Falls?

Can we please stop blaming Sioux Falls for everyone else's problems? For such a conservative state that supposedly believes in free markets, there seems to be a lot of clamoring for socializing our state and "spreading the wealth around." The editorial board continues to fan the flames with its editorial from Thursday. Seems a little hypocritical, don't you think, especially since The Daily Republic is supposedly a conservative newspaper? Where is all the concern for the small towns around Mitchell that were probably thriving 50 years ago, but have since struggled due to families leaving the farm and moving to Mitchell? I agree, it doesn't make sense that the SDHSAA will not allow the Corn Palace into the rotation for the girls' AA tournament. I haven't seen an official attendance figure from the 2014 championship game, but have been told it was set up for 4,000 people and there were about 3,000. That figure is within the capacity for the Corn Palace. It seems lately the attendance for girls' AA has been lacking. This is why I believe the idea that will be tested in 2016 (Sioux Falls) and 2017 (Rapid City) of combining the boys' and girls' AA basketball tournaments is worth a try.

It is very possible this setup will work best in Sioux Falls. The numbers do not lie. The attendance is higher for AA tournaments in Sioux Falls.

But let's not forget that the basketball tournaments are the revenue generators that cover the losses from other activities. Let's get the Corn Palace in the rotation for A/B tournaments. I absolutely love the Corn Palace, and playing (term used loosely) there was an honor. Help generate revenue with increased capacity, not with observation towers and LED lights. Maybe then you can afford the tower and LED-lit domes when you get the tournaments back.

Eric Asmus

Sioux Falls, formerly of Mitchell