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LETTER: Thank your health care professionals

To the Editor:

National Doctor's Day is Sunday, and this day presents us with the opportunity to pay tribute to our physicians in Mitchell and the surrounding communities. I am very pleased to find the number and variety of physicians and specialties available locally, and additionally pleased to find the hospital has made arrangements to have specialists available at clinics in the hospital every month. The Avera Queen of Peace Medical Staff Development Plan outlines the number of physicians required to serve the needs of a community our size, and I'm pleased to report that we are very near that number and we have an exemplary group of physicians on staff at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital.

I invite you to join me in saying thank you to the health care professionals on staff at Avera Queen of Peace and those in the medical facilities throughout the region. I hope everyone reading this letter has a health care provider -- someone who can be counted on when health concerns and injuries occur, and even when it's time for annual checkups. If you happen to see a physician today or whenever you next encounter a physician -- at church, a sporting event or just passing by on the street -- please take a moment to say thanks. They are a tremendous asset to this community.

Thomas A. Clark

Regional President and CEO

Avera Health