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LETTER: Daily Republic spreads darkness on Sunshine Week

To the Editor:

Shame on The Daily Republic. It is obvious you tried to put schools in a bad light. Your recent budget request project grows from your premise that schools are secretive about their budgets. It was dishonest of you to request the budget not for the purpose of examining the budget, but only to verify your pre-determined idea. You say that 12 of the schools never did supply a budget. But it is probable they did not follow through because they became aware of your shenanigans.

Is it good for citizens to know that school budgets are available to them? Absolutely it is. Surely you could have found a more positive way to educate the public on this matter. But it is clear that was not your desire. School budgets were not the issue. They were just the means to your end.

If it weren't so disheartening, it would be rather comical. While the school staff is busy educating children using limited time and resources, your employees are busy wasting the time and resources of the school. To what end? So you can declare that schools are not to be trusted.

Your article probably did appeal to some. It is likely that every community has some people who are disenchanted with their local school. For those who are, your project supplied fuel for more complaints. But I am optimistic that most of the citizens in each of these communities want to encourage and build up their schools, instead of tear them down.

Tim Voigt