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OUR VIEW: Hisses and cheers

CHEERS to the Mitchell Police Division for its work last week to crack down on speeders.

Officers issued 20 citations during a two-hour span to emphasize safety in the community, especially in school areas.

The work was made possible through a federal speed enforcement grant. Officers received overtime for the work and the Mitchell Department of Public Safety is reimbursed through the grant.

This is a win-win for Mitchell, despite some sour attitudes toward "speed traps." We're pleased to hear the serious approach toward safety on our roadways, especially in areas where kids are prevalent. Aside from safety, it's also a no-cost initiative for our city.

We hope to notice and hear more about work being done to slow down speeders in the near future.

HISSES to the news that Mitchell has another significant trial that will likely cost the county thousands of dollars to prosecute.

Last week, charges brought against James Brinker were heightened to first- and second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter. He was arrested after police say he suffocated his wife, Marie, last month in a Mitchell residence.

We recognize Brinker is innocent until proven guilty, but cases like this take up a lot of time for attorneys. This comes in the wake of another case out of Mitchell, with Anthony Lewis getting arrested for first-degree manslaughter in the death of a 30-year-old Mitchell man, which will give the Davison County State's Attorney's Office plenty to do in the near future.

These clearly are not the first trials of their kind in Davison County, but to be concurrent of each other not only is a strain on the county's pocketbook but also on workload of our state's attorney.

CHEERS to Dakota Wesleyan University and city leaders working to bring the NAIA national tournament to our city.

We thought it was a no-brainer for Mitchell to stand up and show off when we heard the tournament was moving away from Branson, Missouri. We love basketball in Mitchell, and DWU has done a really good job of traveling to support our teams in the past few years during the postseason.

While our city is far from a lock to host the national tournament, it's important for Mitchell to at least put a hat in the ring and show what it can offer.

A selection of hotels and restaurants and, of course, the Corn Palace are all great reasons for Mitchell to hold the tournament here.