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OUR VIEW: Hisses and cheers

HISSES to the slow-moving progress to get a building near Mitchell's Main Street back in order.

In early August, a block of Third Avenue was closed due to safety precautions from a building crumbling.

While there was never a specific timetable set for the road to be opened and the building to be fixed, we've heard several people in town are starting to get impatient. And, rightfully so.

We wonder why city code enforcement hasn't been utilized to move this project along. We wonder why city officials aren't putting the pressure on the building's owner for faster progress.

It's certainly not fair for taxpayers to foot the bill to get this building fixed because someone neglected to maintain their property. So the city needs to step in, set a deadline for the work to be complete and make sure it's done.

CHEERS to the news that The Back 40, a restaurant with a great reputation, is coming to Mitchell's Main Street.

Last week, our newspaper reported that The Back 40, which originated in Kimball, will move into the old Jackpot-Moonlight bar on Main Street. It's in close proximity to the Corn Palace and will be another great option for locals and tourists to utilize throughout the year.

Now with the completion of the Corn Palace Plaza and the near-finish of the veteran's park project, we love the direction Main Street is taking.

CHEERS to a great homecoming week in Mitchell despite adverse conditions on Friday night.

Outstanding school spirit was shown and athletic success was had throughout the week, but we commend school officials for adjusting to the heavy rainfall Friday.

The Mitchell football game was moved earlier, the band got to play at halftime rather than after the game, and, despite dodging a few showers in the second half, things went smoothly.

This reminds us why we continue to be proud of our school district and will always cheer loud for Kernel success.