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OUR VIEW: Generosity in Gregory

A photo of the former Starlite Drive-In Theatre from 2013, the year the theater closed. (Daily Republic file photo)

The community secured a down payment for a new digital projector at The Hilltop Drive-In Theatre in Gregory, raising $20,000 needed for the $45,000 projector.

There's a special feeling about going out on a warm night under the stars to watch a film with family, friends or someone special, and Gregory area folks will get to hold onto that feeling.

The movie-goers and others in the area who helped raise the funds deserve a round of applause, and their generosity got us thinking about Mitchell's closed drive-in.

Four summers ago, The Starlite Drive-In Theatre in Mitchell shut down, leaving the town with a fantastic traditional movie-going experience at the Logan Luxury 5 Cinemas downtown, but without the unique experience of a drive-in that many younger Mitchell residents may have never had the chance to come across.

In the wake of the Gregory story in Tuesday's edition of The Daily Republic, some online commenters have asked why Mitchell can't do the same to support its local drive-in. Well, if those commenters want to support the project, we call on those asking for a Starlite revival to put their money where their mouths are.

We would love to see the Starlite back in action, with films new and old gracing the large white screen north of town. But that doesn't mean we're going to call upon Jeff Logan to shift course on a business decision he made years ago to close the Starlite.

So we challenge area residents who want to see the Starlite make its triumphant return to Mitchell to match the huge generosity displayed in the much smaller community of Gregory to collect the contributions needed to bring in a new digital projector. Perhaps one wealthy resident could kick in a hefty contribution to bring joy to the faces of thousands.

While the dream of bringing back the Starlite seems great, we understand it may not be economically viable at the moment. But to those who look west toward Gregory and witness the wonderful community spirit on display, maybe it's time you chip in a chunk of change and see if it turns the dream into a reality.