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OUR VIEW: The Kernel standing strong, for now

In July, our newspaper requested assistance from anyone interested in keeping the Mitchell High School student-run newspaper alive.

Mostly, we were hoping for a collection of high school students who wanted to get a feel for journalism, along with exercising their writing, photography and design skills.

The Kernel, which has been around for decades, was previously a course offered at the high school for student credit. But due to alternative options, including dual-credit courses that transfer to college, most students were choosing other classes.

That, in turn, put The Kernel's future in jeopardy.

So, prior to the school year, Mitchell School District administrators agreed the student-run newspaper could continue as a club activity, facilitated by The Daily Republic. While the process has been anything but smooth, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the students' hard work in keeping The Kernel going.

The work really got underway in September, when a small group, about four students, showed their commitment to putting together a newspaper.

From there, those students recruited additional contributors, and we planned and assembled the first edition of the 2016-17 school year, which was eventually distributed in October.

Now, on the second Thursday of each month until the end of the school year, a new edition of The Kernel will hit the hallways of the high school.

The staff has grown since that first run, and each edition improves compared to the one before it. The students care about the product. They do a wonderful job capturing moments at school and they're extremely interested in what's going on.

While we couldn't be happier to work with this group to guide them in assembling their monthly product, one fact stands out.

The majority of the staff this year is seniors. That doesn't bode well for the paper's future, which is why we hope sophomores and juniors notice and appreciate The Kernel.

So, we have five editions left this year — and we're going to keep working to put out a great student-run paper.

Pick up an edition, and check out the hard, extra work that a small group of high school students put forth.

What they're doing is admirable, and they should be recognized for their efforts. We only hope another batch of students next year will appreciate the dedication it takes to keep The Kernel alive.