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OUR VIEW: Hisses and Cheers

CHEERS to everyone who took active and legal roles in last Tuesday's election. It takes great courage to run for public office or speak publicly on a ballot issue, and few accept the challenge. Yet courageous people come forth every election cycle to keep our democracy functioning. We didn't support some of the candidates in the election, and we had disagreements with some people over Mitchell's ballot issue. But we commend all those who stepped forward and found appropriate ways to participate.

HISSES to the Davison County Auditor's Office for the problems encountered during Tuesday's election. Some ballots wouldn't run through the county's new, expensive scanner, and some voter registrations were apparently lost. It's debatable to what extent the Auditor's Office is to blame for these latest problems, but it's not debatable that after this year's difficulties and the botched vote-counting in a 2012 election, Davison County is gaining an unwanted reputation as a place where election problems are common. Like it or not, that reputation falls on the shoulders of those in the Auditor's Office who conduct the elections, and it's their responsibility to regain voters' trust.

CHEERS to all those involved with the creation of a pump track -- a kind of obstacle course for mountain bikes -- alongside Lake Mitchell. The track adds another dimension to the system of dirt trails and paved paths that city officials, volunteers and donors have helped build up around the lake in recent years. We've seen many people hiking and bicycling the trails, and we've noted what an outstanding addition they've been to Mitchell's quality of life.

HISSES to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for allowing and, in some cases, even covering up long delays in medical care for thousands of veterans. Promises to our veterans should be kept, and when they're not, corrective action should be swift. We're pleased to see Congress and President Obama taking action to fix the problems in the VA, but we're sad it took such a crisis to ensure veterans receive the benefits they're owed.

CHEERS to Wesley Acres, a senior living facility in Mitchell that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Quality housing options for seniors are vital aspects of a healthy city, and after providing a home and a community for Mitchell-area seniors for five decades, Wesley Acres is very deserving of the celebration that was recently held in its honor.