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One dead, several injured following I-90 crash in Mitchell

OUR VIEW: Hisses and Cheers

CHEERS to Mayor Ken Tracy for deciding to demolish the former Veterans of Foreign Wars building sooner rather than later. The corner of First and Main, which should be a symbolic showplace for a city, has been an eyesore for nearly three years now, ever since barricades were put up around the Longhorn Bar when it was deemed an unsafe structure. The Longhorn has since been razed, and the VFW building was damaged in the process. The VFW itself has since moved out, and we don't understand what's taking so long to rid the city of the remaining eyesore that is the half-demolished shell of the old building. The city's original plan was to demolish the VFW structure at the same time as future work on a new city hall at or near the same site; recently, Tracy made the smart decision to push ahead with demolition sooner.

HISSES, on the other hand, to city leaders for allowing the First and Main debacle to persist this long and for letting it linger into the beginning of this year's tourist season.

CHEERS to the Mitchell High School boys tennis team for its recent history-making run at the state tournament. The team finished second, tying its best-ever finish and wrapping up its best season since 1995.

CHEERS to Delmar Strunk, of Scotland, who finally received his World War II medals last week after nearly 70 years of waiting. Records for the unit in which Strunk served were lost. In true Greatest Generation fashion, Strunk didn't complain. He just went on living his life, unthanked by his nation, until reaching his 90s and being encouraged to check on the medals. The wrong was finally righted Wednesday when he received the medals he so richly deserved.

HISSES to the federal government for making Strunk wait so long to receive his medals. It makes us wonder how many other heroic veterans lack the medals they deserve. We hope military and government officials take a proactive approach to ensure others don't have to wait so long to be honored for their service.

CHEERS to Mitchell's Mike Tobin, who found $300 cash in an envelope recently and turned it over to authorities rather than simply pocketing it. It's been said that integrity is what you do when nobody's looking. Tobin showed himself to be a person of high integrity and an example for others to emulate.