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OUR VIEW: 20 years too long without plan for upper courthouse floor

Your Davison County Courthouse has an empty fourth floor.

As strange as that sounds, it's true. A building whose existence is entirely supported by your property tax dollars has a top floor that is unused.

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The county's jail was up there until the 1990s, and the fourth floor was used only sparingly after that, and now not at all.

Meanwhile, due in part to complaints about a lack of space, the Davison County Commission purchased the old Central Electric building on North Main Street in Mitchell and renovated it to house some county offices, including a new commission meeting room.

The renovation of the old Central Electric building, which we now hear is called the county's North Annex, is a done deal. Perhaps the offices housed there could not have been accommodated on the courthouse's fourth floor, which has a very tight stairwell and elevator access. Whatever the case, there's no going back on the North Annex now.

What we wonder is why our elected Davison County commissioners still have no plan whatsoever for a current use or future use of the courthouse's fourth floor, some 20 years after the jail moved out.

Public resources are precious. An empty and unused courthouse floor is a waste of an important resource. We urge our county commissioners to immediately begin work on a plan to utilize the fourth floor, whether it's for storage, office space or anything else anyone might propose.