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OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

CHEERS to the people trying to preserve the Leahy Bowl in Winner. The grand old ballpark suffered a broken light tower during a wind storm last month. The Winner Baseball Association is trying to reach $50,000 in pledges by today to get started on a repair and preservation project. The Leahy Bowl, named for the late great Frank Leahy, who grew up in Winner and went on to coach football at Notre Dame, has many unique features. It’s one of the best and most historic ballparks in the state, and we hope the fundraising effort succeeds.

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HISSES to the frosty weather of late. We know it’s probably useless to hiss something we can’t infl uence, but it just seems like we can’t catch a break with the weather. The winter was terribly cold, the spring has been colder and drier than normal, and now we’re suffering a late frost that might damage crops and gardens. That’s South Dakota, we know, but it would sure be nice to get some sunny days interspersed with a few good rains. Then again, we suppose the cold weather is at least keeping the bug population down.

CHEERS to Mitchell Regional Habitat for Humanity, which has decided to buy, demolish and replace a burned-out home on Fourth Avenue in Mitchell with a new Habitat home. What a great project. Not only will the organization do its usual great work building a good home for someone in need of assistance, it will also rid the city of a nuisance property. Kudos to Habitat’s leaders for seeing opportunity where others only saw a problem.

HISSES to the damage that football is doing to the brains of players. Last week, Bloomberg News reported that college football players show signs of injury deep within the portion of the brain that helps control thinking and emotion, including those who haven’t suffered concussions, according to new research. The growing body of evidence about football’s impact on brains is increasingly disturbing. Action — perhaps including better equipment, rule changes and coaching about safe tackling techniques — is needed at every level of the game to ensure players’ safety.

CHEERS to Terry Woster and Dick Muth for their impending induction into the South Dakota Hall of Fame. Woster is a Reliance native and widely respected journalist who now writes two columns a week for The Daily Republic. Muth is a Mitchell man who, with his wife Darlene, grew Muth Electric from scratch into a major multi-state company. Both are outstanding examples of the kind of homegrown, hard-working, high-achieving people that the Mitchell region is capable of producing.