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OUR VIEW: Week in review - hisses and cheers

CHEERS to the Platte-Geddes boys’ basketball team for its second-place finish, and to the Ethan team for its fourth-place finish, both at the Class B state tournament over the weekend in Aberdeen. Both had outstanding seasons and did the people of their small towns -- and the entire Mitchell region -- proud.

HISSES to state Sen. Phil Jensen, R-Rapid City. He told the Rapid City Journal that businesses should be allowed to discriminate based on factors such as race and religion. “If someone was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and they were running a little bakery for instance, the majority of us would find it detestable that they refuse to serve blacks, and guess what? In a matter of weeks or so that business would shut down because no one is going to patronize them,” he was quoted as saying. Sorry, Sen. Jensen, but even if your seriously flawed logic were true, we’d still fight to keep anti-discrimination laws. America was founded on the principle of equality, and Jensen’s ideas would set us back centuries and rob us of the progress that countless civil rights heroes fought so hard to achieve.

CHEERS to those school officials who quickly and unquestioningly provided their school’s budget last week when asked to do so by callers from The Daily Republic. Our experiment, the results of which were published in Saturday’s edition, aimed to determine how schools handle requests for public information. State laws and common sense dictate that when somebody asks for a public document, it should be immediately provided. That’s why we say HISSES to those who subjected the askers to questioning or refused to provide a copy of the budget. School districts and other bodies of government exist to serve us, the people, and we should not put up with low standards of transparency.

HISSES to another destructive fire in Howard, where the Farmers Co-op was badly damaged by a Thursday night blaze that came only five months after the Howard Cold Storage and Locker burned down. On the other hand, CHEERS to the dozens of volunteer firefighters who saved the co-op from complete destruction.