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OUR VIEW: It’s right time for new SDSU football stadium

A proposed new football stadium on the campus of South Dakota State University passed another test this week, and we hope it continues its push through the Legislature.

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The plan is to build a stadium at a cost of approximately $60 million to $65 million that would have enough seating for more than 19,000 fans. The school has raised approximately $20 million and expects to come up with another $7 million. The remainder would be bonded, and then repaid with revenue the stadium will generate.

This week, House Appropriations voted 8-0 to send the proposal to the full House of Representatives. Several notables from the campus were on hand to speak on behalf of SB 15, including SDSU President David Chicoine and current football star Zach Zenner.

It’s time for a new stadium at SDSU, and anyone who drives by that facility should understand why.

Yes, the current stadium is OK, but only that. Much of its seating is on old-fashioned bleachers, and the seating that exists is inadequate, with a capacity of about 11,000.

SDSU is a Division I football program, and we South Dakotans have made it so. Now, after several years playing big-school football, we need to make the next commitment, and build a stadium of which the state can be proud.

Meanwhile, we don’t believe the cost should be handed down to the students, via increases in fees and tuition. That’s not fair.

South Dakota should pony up for this project.