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OUR VIEW: Time has come for replacing Joe Quintal scoreboard

The old scoreboard at Joe Quintal Field has seen a few football games, for sure. Too many, probably, and the time has come for the relic to be removed. The problem? It’s old, having stood behind the west end zone since approximately 1984. It’s so old that it’s difficult to find replacement parts for it. And it’s outdated. It doesn’t have video capability, and it’s rather boring to look at. We worry more about the former than the latter, but there’s no escaping the fact that its time has come.

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During the most recent meeting of the Mitchell school board, Superintendent Joe Graves suggested purchasing a new model for the cost of $220,000. For example, a Daktronics-made board could have messaging capabilities, and also could be able to show statistics of players.

Graves said the scoreboard would be paid for with $70,000 from capital outlay funds in next year’s budget, with the remaining $150,000 coming from private sources yet to be determined.

We like the idea, since this would put the finishing touches on the renovation at the stadium, which was entirely rebuilt in 2010.

We think it’s worth it to the school to spend $70,000 on this project. That’s not exorbitant, considering the next scoreboard should last for at least a couple of decades.

It’s likely private donors will be found, and we suggest the school begin seeking high-end sponsorship for the sign. That’s probably already happening.

And we think Dakota Wesleyan University should make a contribution, and a sizable one at that. After all, Wesleyan uses the field for its home games and should feel some responsibility to put money toward this worthy project.