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OUR VIEW: Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas, and with it comes all the joy and pageantry to anyone who simply wishes it so.

Christmas has little to do with gifts and the commercialism with which it has become associated, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with social standing or financial worth.

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Christmas is what we make of it, and what we wish to believe. It’s about traditions, and families and togetherness. It’s about fellowship and friendship.

Christmas is carols and prayers, church and school programs.

Christmas is the wink in the eye of the parent whose child still believes, and it’s the teary mist in the eye of the parent whose children have aged past those special times.

Christmas is the pocket change that’s dropped in familiar red buckets, and it’s time spent volunteering at charitable events and meals during the holiday season. It’s about helping others.

Christmas is friendly greetings on the street, cards sent to friends and Secret Santas at our places of work. Christmas is funny stories and exchanging pleasantries with strangers. It’s about sweets, treats and all things good to eat.

Christmas is new babies, grandparents and oft-told tales. It’s about board games and slide shows, photo albums and videos.

Christmas is laughter, and especially memories.

And Christmas is about Jesus Christ, whose birth we still celebrate each Dec. 25. Be mindful of what Christmas really is, and remind others why we celebrate.

Blessed are those who believe in the spirit of Christmas, and also those who make Christmas joyous and memorable.

Merry Christmas all.