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OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

HISSES to chronic wasting disease once again making an appearance in the Dakotas. This time, the virus has been confirmed in North Dakota, where four mule deer have tested positive in recent years. CWD affects the nervous system of infected deer and is always fatal, and it holds the potential to be devastating to deer herds. CWD has been found in South Dakota; the only good news is that it appears that the virus cannot be transmitted to livestock or humans.

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CHEERS to the fellowship shown by past and present presidents during the funeral services for former South African President Nelson Mandela. President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush shared a flight last week across the Atlantic, and it seems it’s becoming more common to see former foes spending time together — such as when past presidents come together for charitable purposes. We appreciate this public show of unity and friendship.

Speaking of Nelson Mandela’s funeral, HISSES to the strange incident that included a sign-language interpreter who apparently was signing gibberish while dignitaries were speaking during the ceremony. First, it is just plain tacky that this happened. But most important, it was a serious breach of security.

HISSES once again to school shootings and other tragic demonstrations of public violence. It’s already been a year since the school shootings in Newtown, Conn., and last week, another terrible occurrence happened in Colorado. When will all of this tragedy come to an end? What must be done to solve this sad trend?

CHEERS to Christmas season. When we see Christmas decorations, or people milling about Main Street with packages under their arms, we cannot help but get a bit nostalgic. We urge people to shop locally, but also to remember that the real reason for Christmas is to honor the birthday of Christ and also to spend quality time with friends and family.