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OUR VIEW: United Way makes us proud

Be proud, Mitchell. As a community, we once again have shown great philanthropic spirit by helping United Way make its local goal.

For 33 straight years now, one lofty goal after another has been set by the local panel. Each year, the number has been met — sometimes easily, and sometimes through great effort and more than a few nerve-wracking campaigns.

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Friday when the banner was unfurled showing the final tally on this year’s fundraiser, the number once again exceeded expectations.

With a goal of $455,000, United Way this year raised $455,524.

Twenty-nine agencies will reap the benefits of this effort. Think of a charitable organization in Mitchell and odds are that it receives funds from the local United Way.

And who gets the credit for this?

Mostly, everyday people. Hundreds of individuals contributed this year, generally through dozens of businesses.

Trail King deserves special mention for making an overall donation this year of more than $50,000. Avera Queen of Peace donated more than $40,000.

Eleven businesses donated at least $10,000 and several businesses showed great increases this year over past donations.

There is no catch to donating to United Way. The money stays right here in town and goes to help local charities and organizations.

If you donated this year, we feel we can speak for United Way in expressing great gratitude. If you didn’t, that’s OK, too. Maybe next year you’ll consider at least a small donation to this very worthy cause.

Either way, please join us today in expressing our pride in living in a community that cares so much.