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OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

HISSES to hunting accidents. We haven’t heard of many in our region this year, but there was a hunting-related mishap near Forestburg last week that prompted us to remember how dangerous hunting can be for those who aren’t constantly trying to be safe. We urge hunters to always be aware of where their guns are pointing and where their hunting partners are located in fields. Don’t have guns loaded when they don’t need to be, and keep safeties on while walking in South Dakota’s fields.

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HISSES to the costs that keep mounting following the early-October blizzard that struck western South Dakota. We published a report last week that noted how snow removal costs in the northern Black Hills towns of Lead, Deadwood and Spearfish already have approached $1 million. That blizzard — which dumped as much as 5 feet of snow in parts of the Black Hills — is an expensive way to start the winter season.

CHEERS to news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing banning certain trans fats in processed foods. They’re called “partially hydrogenated oils,” and they are one of the primary health concerns that face America today. The trans fats are found in all sorts of foods, and raise the possibility of heart disease on those of us who consume them. Consumption of these fats has decreased in recent years, but it’s still a problem in the United States.

CHEERS to high school sports and the road to state championships. What a dramatic time of year for many South Dakota athletes, whatever their sport. There is just nothing like the thrill of the postseason, and we love the drama that unfolds this time of year.

CHEERS to anyone who volunteers to help keep our cities and roadways clean. Saturday, we published a photo that showed two employees of Graphic Packaging who volunteered to pick up trash Friday along Highway 37, south of town. Graphic Packaging isn’t alone in these kinds of efforts, and we commend businesses that promote such events.