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Mitchell man charged with wife’s suffocation death

OUR VIEW: Week in review: the best, worst

HISSES to all of these troubles with the government’s new healthcare website. Last week, media officially reported what everybody already knew — that the website faces “complex technical issues” four weeks after it opened. This whole process has been such a mess. Say what you want about Obamacare; the one thing we know is that the website has been royally messed up, and that just puts a scar on the whole process.

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CHEERS to the people who changed the batteries in their smoke alarms over the weekend. With the conclusion of Daylight Saving Time, fire officials asked that residents double-check their smoke alarms to make sure they’re working. It’s an annual thing, and we are happy to help local safety officials get the word out. So here it is, one more time: Check the batteries in your smoke alarm, and give the alarm a good test. It takes just a couple of minutes, and it could save a life.

CHEERS to Emery’s Jeff VanLeur, who finished No. 7 in a national poll to determine the nation’s best football coach. VanLeur coaches Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan and has been roaming the sidelines for 34 seasons. During that time, he’s had numerous successes, including five state championships. This is great recognition for VanLeur, as well as the hundreds of students who have played for him.

HISSES to South Dakota for being one of the few states that have no statewide ban or fine on texting while driving. Every time we bring it up, the number of states without a ban seems to get smaller and smaller, yet South Dakota seems to stand firm against the idea. Eventually, South Dakota will figure it out — as many communities in the state already have, including Mitchell. Unfortunately, it probably will be after someone else dies because of a texting driver, and we’ll all be able to think back on these arguments and wish that more had been done.

CHEERS to news that Mitchell has evidently gone another year without a Halloween traffic mishap. We always worry about the little ones who are out and about collecting candy on Halloween, and we annually cross our fingers and hope for the best. As far as we know, everyone got through the night safely.