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OTHER VIEW: We commend SD 4-H for expanding robotics

South Dakota 4-H is expanding its robotics program, and we think it’s a great idea for today’s youth.

4-H is a nationwide youth development program that has many facets, including volunteering on community projects, going on field trips, experimenting with science, taking care of animals, making art and much more.

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In South Dakota, 4-H is aligned with South Dakota State University Extension, and has had a rural focus. But there are many programs that city kids get involved with, including robotics. Training sessions will be held this winter with parents and volunteers.

The program in South Dakota will use the National 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum and Lego Mindstorms platform, both highly regarded in the field.

We believe this program is a perfect example of fun, group learning. It gets kids away from the television and smartphone, and into a program where they can imagine, experiment, succeed, fail and try again. They’ll learn problem-solving and work with other kids to get their projects to operate.

We hope many youth will sign up and plenty of parents will help. It’s a great program and we hope it succeeds.

-Madison Daily Leader