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OUR VIEW: County makes good move by cutting one job

Members of the Davison County Commission showed great judgment earlier this week when they opted to consolidate two county positions into a single, better-paid position.

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During the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, the commissioners appointed Jeff Bathke to take over as Davison County’s emergency management director. Bathke will assume these duties in addition to continuing his role as planning and zoning administrator.

The position of emergency management director came open with the retirement of Jim Montgomery.

Bathke begins his dual duties Oct. 19.

Both jobs previously were full-time positions. We do worry that if both jobs are full-time today,

does that mean there won’t be enough time in the week for Bathke to fully attend to all of his new duties?

We assume he will, and we believe the commissioners were right to make this a single, full-time position. Bathke’s new pay will be $55,000; his current pay is $46,758. Montgomery earns $41,459 annually.

Here’s the math: The two jobs were paid a combined $88,217 in the past. Now, the payout will be $55,000. That’s good savings of $33,217 for Davison County and its taxpayers.

It would have been easy for commissioners to continue to allow both jobs to be full-time positions, but instead they made a tough and wise choice that over the years will save quite a bit of money.

That’s a job well done.