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OUR VIEW: Governors probably shouldn’t skydive

Call us buzzkills if you must, but we feel compelled to ask: Should our governor be jumping out of a plane?

As we wrote this Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Dennis Daugaard was scheduled to skydive Wednesday evening in Madison.

The governor agreed to skydive with DeLon Mork, operator of the Madison Dairy Queen, if the restaurant sold 32,000 Blizzards on Miracle Treat Day to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Mork and the restaurant surpassed the goal by selling 38,412 Blizzards.

Daugaard and Mork had originally planned to skydive Aug. 15, but could not make the jump because of weather conditions.

It’s great that the governor is doing something for charity, but there are many, many other things he could have done to raise funding and awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network. For example, why not put on an apron and serve blizzards for a day?

We don’t mean to disparage Dairy Queen or the Children’s Miracle Network. We at The Daily Republic participated in the fundraiser, buying blizzards for our employees. A portion of the proceeds from blizzards sold on Miracle Treat Day went to the Children’s Miracle Network, and Dairy Queen has reported that about $5 million was raised nationwide for the charity.

The Children’s Miracle Network reports that since 1983, the organization has raised more than $4.7 billion for 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. Donations have helped support research and training, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care.

So, again, we stress: What the Children’s Miracle Network does, and what Dairy Queen does for the Children’s Miracle Network, is deserving of praise.

We just don’t see why it should all add up to our state’s top elected official jumping out of a plane. While some view the stunt as brave, and it surely is, we also think it’s too dangerous for a man in Daugaard’s position.

We the voters of South Dakota elected Dennis Daugaard to serve us for at least four years. We pay him a handsome salary. We provide him with a house in Pierre. We provide him with transportation. We provide him with security when it’s needed. We do all this at taxpayer expense, to help ensure that Daugaard will be fully able to execute the duties of his office for as long as he holds it.

In return for all that, we think he owes us the courtesy of not taking unnecessary risks that could cut his life and his term short.